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You’ve come to the right place for:

  • EQ’ing vocals.
  • Eliminating feedback.
  • Working with musicians.
  • Creating a consistent mix week-after-week.
  • All things church audio, both techie and non-techie stuff.

Since 2006, Behind The Mixer has been helping church audio techs create the best audio experiences for their congregations. This comes from teaching more than the technical aspects of production. To be a good audio tech, one must understand all facets of live audio production, and we cover it all.

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Chris Huff – Founder

Chris is the founder of Behind the Mixer (2006), author of Audio Essentials for Church Sound, and currently an audio engineer at Greenwood Christian Church in Greenwood, Indiana. He’s been involved with live sound, primarily church audio, for over twenty years.

His articles have been featured in:

Fun facts about Chris:

  • “I’ve walked off a golf course twice because I ran out of balls.”
  • “I used to play guitar on a worship team. I’ve been on both ends of the microphone cable.”

You can catch him on twitter, facebook, and google+.

Brian Gowing (Joined in 2014)

Brian is the technical director at Fallen Timbers Community Church and the Business & Technology Manager for the Great Lakes District Office of the Christian & Missionary Alliance. He’s helped over 70 churches with worship issues, both technical and worship-oriented.

He believes, “to have a transparent worship experience every piece of the worship service has to fit together and run like a well-oiled machine. If you have friction between the worship and tech teams you’ll never have this beautiful dance that transpires.”

His articles have been featured in:

  • ProSoundWeb.
  • Church Denomination Newsletters.
  • Behind The Mixer (before joining with Chris).

Fun facts about Brian:

  • “I consider pizza and chicken wings to be food groups.”
  • “I also play percussion and drums in worship.”

You can catch him on twitter.

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A Final Note of Thanks


Thank you for working in church audio. It’s a field where few are called and it’s a joy to be in your company.

Your Christian brothers in the sound booth,

-Chris and Brian

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