Behind the Mixer Welcomes Brian Gowing

brian gowingToday, I’m thrilled to announce that Brian Gowing is joining Behind the Mixer. Brian brings a wealth of knowledge, both with his level of technical geekdom but also with his vast experience working with tech teams, worship teams, and church staff in creating unified teams. He’s also a great guy!

Brian and I met a few years, through the normal online arena of church audio blogs. Then, in 2012, we met face-to-face at the Gurus of Tech conference. We hung out the first day and stayed up late talking all things audio.

Since 2012, I’ve re-posted a few of Brian’s articles, emailed him with technical questions, and tried to convince him to move to central Indiana. [Don’t worry honey, this isn’t another techie bromance.] Though he didn’t agree to re-locate his family just to appease me, he did agree to join Behind the Mixer.

Brian has worked in broadcasting, owned a live sound production company, and worked as a church tech consultant. Currently, he stays busy as the technical director at Fallen Timbers Community Church and also the Business & Technology Manager for the Great Lakes District Office of the Christian & Missionary Alliance. As a tech consultant and in his current role of biz and tech manager, he’s helped over 70 churches with worship issues, both technical and worship-oriented.

Before today, Brian posted up an occasional article on his own web site. Soon, he’ll be shutting down his site but I didn’t want to lose many of his excellent articles. In the coming days and weeks, those articles will be posted up here. But that’s only the beginning. He will be a regular contributor on Behind the Mixer, writing on many of the same types of topics you’ve told me you enjoyed; from the in-depth technical to the heart issues to working in leadership roles.

A few years ago, Brian wrote an excellent multi-part piece on working to create a technically transparent worship experience for the congregation. It wasn’t a call for perfection (we all know that’s about impossible). Instead, it was a call to technical and worship teams to work together and to…ah, I’m getting ahead of myself.

As the first part of joining Behind the Mixer, Brian has tweaked that piece and today, part one is now available on this web site:

Does Your Congregation Experience Technically Transparent Worship?

To Brian, thanks for joining me!

To everyone else, welcome Brian with your comments and check out part one of Technically Transparent Worship.

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