Rate Your Portable Church Audio System

"Would you run sound for us?" my friend asked.  "Our regular guy isn't available."  Without hesitation, I accepted. I'd subbed for bands with nice portable systems.  And my friend's a smart guy.  It would be fun - oh, if only.  From his point of view, their audio system worked.  Worked, yes, but not very well.  More on that shortly. Rate Your Portable Church Audio System A portable church ...

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The 4 Fundamentals of Mixing Music

Light, Subject, Composition, and Idea.

I stole this idea from a photography class from Ming Thein.  There are four fundamentals of photography that so closely resemble the requirements of a music mix, I couldn't help but notice it. In photography, they follow as: Light - because a three-dimensional object becomes two-dimensional in a photo but the photographer must find a way to make it feel 3D. Subject - it tells the story ...

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Acoustic Guitar Distortion and Other Wacky Stuff that Works


Judge not lest ye be ready to hear the result.  Whether it's microphone placement or mix choices, there've been times where I thought, "that guy doesn't know what he's doing."  But then I heard the result.  The last newsletter covered low passing drums.  There are a number of other non-traditional methods that get some good sounds. 1. Acoustic Guitar Distortion That's right, I added ...

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How to Use Compression

Sometimes musicians just get too loud!

Before I found compression, my life was empty and void.  Now that I have it, I feel so alive and...ok, so compression isn't THAT amazing but if you've got it, you should learn how and when to use it. What is compression? Audio compression is the process of reducing the dynamic range of a sound.  This compression occurs when the volume level signal exceeds a specified level.  In practical terms, ...

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How to Mix a Solo Musician


I heard a surprising statistic the other day; at one point in the 1980’s, five of the acts on the Top 40 radio charts were solo acts that came from successful bands. Glen Frey (Eagles), Lionel Richie (Commodores), and Diana Ross (The Supremes) are three I remember. When it comes to live audio, a solo act means something entirely different and mixing them brings new options. The other week, I ...

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