The Seven Day Sound Check – The Key to Stop the Last Minute Chaos

Tired of chaotic sound checks?  Tired of getting last minute surprises and feeling overwhelmed and stressed out during the process?  Let's change that.  The change begins by starting your next sound check the day after the service. The extensive sound check checklist I give away on this site is over thirty points and four of them are categorized as Days Before.  Your work needs to start that ...

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Basic Wet Dry Mixing for an Enhanced Acoustic Guitar

gibson acoustic guitar wet dry mixing.

The Michael W. Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman concert came to an end and within moments, I was standing by the FOH guy asking how he got such great tone from Steven's acoustic guitar.  I was expecting him to say, “That’s what you get from a $4000 guitar.”  I was expecting him to say, “It takes a lot of EQ work.”  I wasn't expecting his reply. The standard church acoustic guitar setup goes like ...

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How Volume Can Help, Hinder, or Hurt Worship

Too soft can be just as bad as too loud.

[Guest Post from Robert Naylor, Jr. with his take on volume levels] This is a challenge for all church sound people to consider your volume level and how it may be impacting your worship services. This is not a discussion of specific SPL levels, or contemporary versus traditional worship. I want to speak in more general terms and consider some real world examples that show how volume can affect ...

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Don’t Blame Your Singers. It’s Your Fault.

bing crosby 001

Have we been looking at it all wrong?  We see vocal microphones as the determining factor in sound quality. Truthfully, the factor is largely YOUR work but before we get to that, let’s turn to Bing Crosby. During World War II, he was the #1 American movie actor, the #1 global recording artist, and the host of the top-rated American radio show. Oh, and let's not forget his memorable recording of ...

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Mixing in a Different Room? Don’t Make This Assumption

Don't let the room fool you!

One day it happens.  You're asked to mix someplace new.  Could you mix our band at another church?  Could you mix in the kids venue?  Or the big one, are you ready to mix in a new sanctuary...because we are building a new one!?! A definition of sanctuary is a place of refuge and protection.  If you've always mixed in the same venue, you've been protected from a cold hard truth; what works in ...

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