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Create The Right Mix and Meet Everyone's Expectations

“That’s the best worship service we’ve ever had! Thanks so much for your help,” the pastor says to you. Aren’t those the words you’d like to hear?

You have huge demands and responsibilities when working behind the mixer. Believe me, I get it. When I started in live audio, I had zero training and all of the responsibility. Oh, I did have one thing; a voice in my head screaming, “don’t mess up!”

Imagine standing behind the mixer today. Now take away the stress. Remove any uncertainty about volume levels or how to mix the band. Imagine the house mix is set right. Imagine the musicians are happy. Imagine the congregation is fully engaged in worship. Finally, imagine the pastor’s thrilled knowing YOU are behind the mixer.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Discover the road map for navigating through the detailed work of audio production. This guide walks you through every step of church audio production, from when you walk in the door to when you leave. You’ll even learn what to do during the rest of the week.
  • Learn how to produce a church service which keeps all eyes focused upfront while avoiding amateur mistakes. Stop worrying about making mistakes that disrupt a church service or lead to a sub-par audio mix.
  • Quickly learn technical concepts without being bored to death. For example, you’ll learn the five characteristics of a microphone and how they contribute to feedback reduction, a better sounding instrument or vocal, and a better music mix.
  • Find out the steps for creating a good music mix week-after-week. Use this easily-repeatable process for creating a solid music mix. This means you can tackle the biggest (or smallest) worship bands. The guide also covers mixing the spoken word – get the pastor’s voice sounding great.
  • Discover how to meet the needs of the pastor, worship leader, and the congregation before anyone has a chance to complain. You’ll be building trust, creating a happier work environment, and discovering the nuances of working in a church production environment.
  • Learn the crucial work that occurs outside of the sound booth. Learn the important aspects of professional live audio production so you are producing high quality results.

What You’ll Receive:

  • Each chapter, in this 36 Chapter (330+ page) ebook, details exactly what you need to know, why you need to know it, and how you can apply it. You’ll develop confidence in every area of audio production.
  • A step-by-step guide that walks you through setting up the stage, stepping into the sound booth, and going through the entire mixing process.
  • Pictures and audio samples. For example, you’ll hear the results of phase problems caused by incorrect microphone orientations. This is an example of two drum microphones out of phase by varying degrees.
  • Chapter assignments which give ways of applying the chapter’s content to your unique situation. And chapter quizzes for re-enforcing the material – this does work!
  • One of the most important discoveries since the beginning of time…all of the unspoken audio production needs and expectations of everyone within the church walls. Find out how to create an amazing worship environment while having the support of the worship leader, the musicians, and the pastor.
  • The technical knowledge to say “yes, I know what all those knobs do.”

Plus, Get 9 Bonus Resources ($75 Value):

  1. The 12 Steps to the Sound Check: Avoid missing crucial details with this sound check cheatsheet.
  2. The Mixing Checklist: A handy reference guide for establishing a good mix week-after-week.
  3. The Church Service Checklist: Covers everything from mixing work to work prior to the days of the service. Includes pre-service and post-service communication with key people.
  4. Two Full Band Frequency Charts: Quick reference for seeing where instruments fall in the frequency range and the problem frequency areas.
  5. The Drum Mixing Primer: Covers everything from the pieces of the drum kit to mic’ing and mixing both acoustic and electronic drum kits.
  6. EQ Starting Points: The key frequency ranges for boosting and cutting instruments and vocals. A good place to start when you need a bit of inspiration. Even experienced techs have found this helpful!
  7. EQ Reference Cards: An easy way to keep track of individual EQ settings.
  8. 18 Tips on the Art of Mixing: Learn my key strategies for creating a great mix no matter what the venue.
  9. The Service Scorecard: Track your improvement from week-to-week.

What Others Are Saying:

“If you’re looking for something practical that will give you ‘actionable’ advice and knowledge right out of the gates, Chris’ book is for you. Chris does a great job of balancing his book with practical tips and advice, science, and recommendations about the fundamentals – i.e., relationships and purpose of technical worship support. ”

Mike Willis, Sound Tech @ Hope Church
Dubuque, California

“I just wanted to let you know how much this book has helped me. I implemented your methods and am now the ‘sound-guy-of-choice’.”

Paul Jollineau, Sound Tech
Rancho Santa Margarita, California

“I have your ‘Audio Essentials for Church Sound’ e-book loaded onto my Smartphone so I can access it on the spot whenever I need pointers…worth every penny. [T]hank you for such a fantastic resource you’ve created, it has improved my audio ministry so much and has made me so much more confident especially as we rely on rented venues using different audio systems and we are now so much more efficient in setup, sound check and live.

Luke Lockett, Sound Tech @ New Wine Church
Isle of Lewis, Scotland

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Use as a Step-by-Step Guide

Ever feel like you’re not sure what to do next? You’re so close to getting everything right but just miss the mark. I’ve got you covered. The guide covers each step in live church audio production, from microphone selection to the sound check process to active mixing during the service. The guide is arranged for learning step-by-step but also works as a quick reference guide. PLUS, the bonus Church Service Checklist and Mixing Checklist are great for making sure no step is missed.

What You’ll Learn in Audio Essentials for Church Sound

Complete church audio training is more than using microphones and the mixing board. Successful audio engineers know there is a lot more than microphones, cables, and mixers.

The guide contains six areas of learning:

1. YOUR PURPOSE (Trust me, this is important)

This first chapter is the key to success in church audio production. It took me years to figure this one out on my own. The purpose is surprisingly simple and not at all what you’d expect.

  • Discover how following the purpose helps meet other people’s expectations.
  • Learn how the three-part purpose statement drives actions and helps avoid problems before they could occur.
  • Find out what happens when people work in audio production without a purpose.


  • Your Purpose


A great mix starts with having great sounds coming from the stage. Find out how to set up the stage to guarantee you are getting the best sounds possible.

  • Learn the best microphone techniques and why microphone choice is the first step in getting a great sound.
  • Learn how to keep the stage volume down for a better mixing environment and better house sound.
  • Discover the optimal methods for mixing monitors for musicians.
  • Learn how to set up the stage for easier mixing at the mixing board.
  • Learn the technical aspects of everything on the stage!


  • Cables
  • Direct Input Boxes
  • Microphones
  • Amplifiers and Isolation Cabinets
  • Monitors
  • Stage Safety
  • On-stage Communication
  • Optimal Channel Assignment Strategy


Being a great sound tech requires knowing the science of sound. It also requires knowing how to mix creatively!

  • Discover how the ears can negatively affect the mixing process. Then, find out how to overcome the problem.
  • Learn the methods for sculpting the different properties of sound.
  • Learn how to apply your own style of mixing while still giving the congregation a joyful sound!


  • How Sound Works
  • Decibels, Decibel Meters, and Measurements
  • Human Hearing
  • Frequencies and the EQ Process


The sound booth is full of the tools of the trade.

  • Learn the major pieces of equipment and how they are used in audio production.
  • Find out the different types of cables used within the sound booth.
  • Learn all about the sound board, from the host of knobs and faders to all of the inputs and outputs. Master the mixer!


  • Common Booth Equipment
  • Cables in the Booth
  • Signal Flow’
  • The Mixer: Every knob, control, output, etc.


Imagine a method for creating a solid mix time and time again.

  • Learn the process for running a sound check so musicians are happy and there’s plenty of time for creating a good mix.
  • Learn the step-by-step process for creating a general mix and then sculpting it into your own distinct mix.
  • Discover how active mixing during the service makes the difference between a good mix and a great one.
  • Learn the tricks to making the spoken voice easy to understand.


  • The Sound Check
  • The Line Check
  • Gain Structure
  • Pre / Post Send Settings
  • Channel Grouping
  • Volume Balancing
  • Setting Monitor Mixes
  • Basic Equalization
  • Creating a Distinct Mix
  • Compression
  • Reverb and Delay
  • Walking the Room
  • A Second Set of Ears
  • Active Mixing
  • Dealing with Feedback


You’ve got to make a lot of people happy; the pastor, the worship leader, the musicians, the tech crew, and the congregation. You can do this when you know what they expect of you.

  • Learn how meeting expectations isn’t the same as meeting needs and how to do both.
  • Discover the unspoken expectations and how to keep the pastor happy.
  • Learn my tips, from over 20 years of mixing church audio, for giving people what they want without having to ask for it.


  • Pastors and Leaders
  • Worship Leaders and Musicians
  • The Congregation
  • Technical Director and Crew

Plus, it’s easy to digest!

Forget about being overwhelmed by too many technical details. Yes, this is a technical guide (and the details are there) but it doesn’t read like a lifeless technical manual.

“What Chris presents in these 335 pages (along with a ton of equally useful free extras like mp3 files and reference charts) is pretty much a solid week’s worth of audio training that, if you sent your audio tech out for, would cost you around $500 – $1,000. Audio Essentials For Church Sound will be your constant companion and reference guide at your sound booth. [It] gets a 5-STAR rating from me. I’ll be recommending this book every time I train church audio teams.”

brian gowingBrian Gowing, Technical Director @ Fallen Timbers Community Church and Audio / Video consultant
Waterville, Ohio

In less than 1 minute, have INSTANT access to:

  • 36 chapters of audio essentials. Learn everything I would personally teach you if I was with you.
  • The step-by-step process to building a music mix. Have a solid mix by the time the sound check is over.
  • The keys to meeting everyone’s expectations. Meet the specific needs of the pastor, the worship leader, the congregation, and MY needs if I was your tech director.
  • The 9 bonus documents ($75 Value). These are reference documents people have begged me to create. Plus, the “18 Tips” that everyone should know.
  • Over 330 pages of essential information, instantly available, for helping you become the best sound tech you can be.

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If you’re not 100% satisfied with Audio Essentials for Church Sound then I’ll refund your money. No surprises in fine print. Try it for 30 Days. If you aren’t completely satisfied, you get your money back. I’m that confident this guide will help you become a dramatically better sound tech.


Audio Essentials for Church Sound has everything needed for producing a solid mix and meeting expectations. Along with the guide are 9 bonuses including; the checklists, the charts, and my “18 Tips on the Art of Mixing.” Those 18 tips alone will skyrocket your sound tech skills. Get the guide today and I guarantee you’ll be a better sound tech by next weekend. Find out why Audio Essentials for Church Sound has been sold in over 50 countries!

About the Author

Chris HuffChris Huff has been working in live sound for over 20 years, in roles varying from sound tech to church technical director. He writes for pro audio trade publications including Church Production Magazine and Live Sound International. His church audio web site,, has a world-wide following and is used for teaching church audio production while navigating the unique church environment.