Feel free to contact Behind the Mixer regarding techie questions, non-techie church audio stuff, article ideas, and anything else related to live audio production or this site. Additionally, we provide on-site training and event speaking.

If you have a comment or question specifically for Chris or Brian, please include their name in your message. We typically follow up within 24-48 hours. Weekends get busy in this line of work, as you know, so it might take us a little longer.


We’ve seen an increase in the number of emails with generic questions like, “how do I mix vocals” and “how do I use compression.”  The answers to these types of questions are best found in the articles and guides on this site.  If you do have such a question, use this search form to find the answers:

Another question we see is “can you make me a good sound tech.”  We appreciate anyone’s desire to become a good tech but it’s not something we can do one-on-one via email.  If you’d like to become a good sound tech then check out these resources:

  1. This web site.  We cover every aspect of audio production so read the free articles, read through the archives, or use the search option to study a topic like EQ’ing guitar.
  2. The guide.  My step-by-step ebook, Audio Essentials for Church Sound, walks you through everything from stage work to mixing music to working with musicians and church leaders.

– Chris

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