The 10,951 Word FREE Guide to Mixing / EQ’ing Vocals

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My keyboard was about to fall apart but it made it through!  After many hours of work, review, planning, reading, and questioning my sanity, it’s done.  The 10,951 word FREE guide to mixing vocals is finished!

This guide breaks down vocal mixing into eight areas;

  1.     How Vocals Fit in a Mix
  2.     Key Vocal Qualities
  3.     Vocal Microphone Selection and Monitor Usage
  4.     Mixing with the End in Mind
  5.     Setting Vocal Volumes
  6.     Preparing Your Vocals (Cleaning up your Vocals)
  7.     Mixing Vocals / EQ’ing Vocals
  8.     Using Five Types of Effects Processing

It also has a handful of audio samples when I though you’d benefit from hearing an effect or a boost/cut.  This is the first time I’ve used SoundCloud for hosting audio files.  Post a comment here or email me if you have any problems with those files.  There should be 8 or so clips. …keep reading »

Win the Sound Tech Prize Pack

Win the Sound Tech Prize Pack

[Winner announced] Announcing the November “Win the Sound Tech Prize Pack” Giveaway!  In a short period of time, you could have your hands on these must-have tools.  I’ve partnered with CCI Solutions for this giveway and we’re excited to be giving away…

1. A Galaxy Audio CM-130 Sound Meter

Now you can easily and accurately monitor the Sound Pressure Level (loudness) of your services and other church events.   Weighing only half a pound, the CM-130 is a mini-sized, low cost, high performance sound pressure level meter with a built-in electret condenser microphone. The easy-to-read digital display show resolution to 0.5 dB, can be set for multiple ranges and includes a MAX/MIN function. …keep reading »

The New Guide to Music Mixing

The New Guide to Music Mixing

I’ve added another free guide for you.  The Three-Step Guide to Music Mixing walks you through the three key steps in creating a solid music mix.  You’ll learn how to work with all your common instruments and vocals and what you need to do so they all mesh together in the right way.  Check out the guide to music mixing.

If you own my book, Audio Essentials for Church Audio, then you already have the full-length version of this guide.  The book details building a music mix over the course of five chapters (chapters 23, 25, 26, 27, & 28) with audio samples, instrument and vocal frequency guidelines, and a lot more detail. …keep reading »

See You At Gurus 2012


Next week is the Gurus of Technology conference in Chicago and I hope to see you there.  They have sold out tickets this year and by what I can figure, that’s about 900-1000 church audio, video, and lighting folks all under one roof.  Or as I like to think of it, “the best place to be.”

Here is what you can expect, other than the cool sessions and breakouts, if this will be your first Gurus event;

  • A great sense of community as long as you are willing to break out of your introverted self.  Most of us are introverts so when you put us in a room, we tend to talk with people we already know.  The best thing you can do is look for people you recognize online and introduce yourself.  You’d be surprised at the number of people you know you as well. …keep reading »

Win a Copy of Quiztones


You can win a copy of Quiztones for Mac!

The winners have been chosen!

Here are our four lucky winners of Quiztones for Mac, chosen at random:

  • Mark Parris who commented, “Mixing sound in today’s modern church can be challenging at times when considering the range of age groups in the congregation. This would be a fantastic tool further develop my own listening skills and to educate newcomers to our sound team.”
  • Tennyson Vaughn who commented, “Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me! I’ve always wanted something like this.”
  • Jim who commented, “Sounds good to me! …keep reading »

Audio Essentials for Church Sound Released!

Audio Essentials for Church Sound Now Available

What costs less than two delivery pizzas, helps you meet the expectations of the pastor, worship leader, & the congregation, and can teach you everything you need to know about working in church audio?

Audio Essentials for Church Sound is the resource for you.  Imagine a complete education in the essentials of church audio, from microphones to monitor mixing to dealing with unspoken expectations.  Maybe you’ve been running sound for years and wish you could fill in a few knowledge holes here and there.  I’ve got you covered!

How you’ll benefit;

  • Each chapter details exactly what you need to know, why you need to know it, and when you need to know it. …keep reading »

Is Your Audio Ministry Superbowl-Ready?


Indianapolis, Indiana is getting ready for the Superbowl and I’m seeing it everyday.  Working in downtown Indy, I see the street renovations, the cleanup projects, and the transformation of part of the Lucas Oil Stadium parking lot from a parking lot to a media tent city.

Everyone is bringing their A-game.  The city of Indianapolis is spending millions in improvement projects.  Businesses are fixing up their store-fronts.  Hoosiers want the city of Indianapolis, and the state of Indiana, to shine when the spotlight hits come February.

But there is a problem

There are a couple of problems;

  • Improvement results in traffic delays.  A major road through downtown Indy was redesigned so that it went from a four lane road one way street to a three lane street in order to create an enhanced sidewalk through downtown. …keep reading »

Pro Tools 10 Now Available


Attention Pro Tools users…Pro Tools 10 is now available!  Here’s a rundown of the upgrades, improvements, changes, etc. that you can expect with AVID’s Pro Tools 10 offering.

I’ve grabbed this from the press release…I figure “why re-invent the wheel?

From AVID…

New Pro Tools software adds major new features to the world’s leading digital audio workstation, delivering on top requests from both audio post and music professionals. With it, Avid introduces several new tools and timesaving workflows, such as the top-requested Clip Gain, which separates pre-mix levels from Pro Tools software’s renowned mixing automation, greatly speeding up and improving the workflow between sound editors and mixers. …keep reading »

Gurus of Technology in Review


Say it with me, “I will attend the next Gurus of Technology conference.  I will be in community with other church techs.  I will be spiritually fed.  I will conquer all in the Tech Olympics.”

Personally, I had an amazing time at Gurus and it’s left me somewhere between “speechless” and “blabbering to my wife like a fool.”  With that in mind, if you attended gurus, this article will be a walk down memory lane.  If you didn’t attend the gurus of tech conference, you’ll know what to expect when you do go.

What exactly “IS” the Gurus of Technology conference? …keep reading »

Top Seven Church Audio Budget Tips


[Guest Post: James Knight] It’s almost the end of the fiscal year in the States – and we all know who gets to do the church audio budget…

Here are a few pointers – hopefully they’ll be of some use.

1. Know your Church’s mission statement. As a consultant, whenever I undertake a new project I like to know clearly and concisely exactly what the Church wants to gain – after all, how can I possibly design a system if I don’t know its purpose? It’s pretty much the same for you – you need to know the vision of your elders/pastor and how they want the technology to support them before buying anything. …keep reading »