How the Church Gambles with Your Gear: 5 Ways to Protect It


Gambling with gear is something EVERYONE does at one point in their life.  Don’t believe me?  When was the last time you changed your furnace filter, replaced your car tires, or oiled the chain on your bike?  Audio gear can often get the same treatment.

Maybe it’s your fault.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s the fault of the church.

Gambling with gear comes when equipment is not treated properly, maintained properly, or replaced when necessary.  The gamble is “it’s ok right now, so it will be ok in the future.

There are 5 ways you can protect your gear from this gamble. …keep reading »

Top Seven Church Audio Budget Tips


[Guest Post: James Knight] It’s almost the end of the fiscal year in the States – and we all know who gets to do the church audio budget…

Here are a few pointers – hopefully they’ll be of some use.

1. Know your Church’s mission statement. As a consultant, whenever I undertake a new project I like to know clearly and concisely exactly what the Church wants to gain – after all, how can I possibly design a system if I don’t know its purpose? It’s pretty much the same for you – you need to know the vision of your elders/pastor and how they want the technology to support them before buying anything. …keep reading »

A Forecast of the Future of Church Audio

The future of church audio is not all pretty flowers and sunshine.  A student from the Indiana University School of Music asked me my thoughts on the future of church audio.  The more I dwelt on the topic, the more I saw that the future is not pretty.  Here is my view of the future, why the church is destined for that direction, and what you and I can do to change all that.

I want to start by traveling back in time, specifically to 1896.

Frank Humphreys, a clergyman in the 1890′s, wrote a book entitled “The Evolution of Church Music.”  The focus of the book was music, not audio production, however, the insight he provides at the time most definitely flows across into the view of modern day church audio production. …keep reading »

Top Five Signs Your Audio Budget Has Been Drastically Cut.

We don't always get the budget we want.  Some of you have seen budgets cut to zero.  Here are five signs your budget was slashed.

  1. Budget returned with a coupon for $0.50 off your next Starbucks purchase.
  2. You get an email from the budget committee that starts with "Thanks for the laugh…"
  3. You're asked to resubmit the budget after you eliminate upgrades, maintenance costs, and essentials.
  4. Budget committee claims to have never received your budget even after you physically hand them the 3rd copy.
  5. You're asked to purchase supplies like blank CD's out of your own pocket as "another way to support the church and everything it does for the community."

Humor aside, if you haven't created a budget before, check out this article on creating an audio budget. …keep reading »

Create Your First Audio Budget

The results of the survey are in…Now it's time to take some action.

44% of survey respondents do not have an annual audio budget!  There are a wide variety of reasons that budgets are not present; no money, never had one before, and we just ask for stuff and we get it.  Let's take some action!

Let's create a budget for your audio needs.  Once you have a written budget in place, you can present this to your church.  The goal will be to get an annual budget.  If they explain it's not possible (money issues) then at least they know the financial requirements of having audio technology in the church. 

The budget will be developed through five stages: preparation, draft, refinement, reality, and rollout. …keep reading »