POW! POP! Powering Equipment On and Off in the Right Order

Don't knock down your friends with the power of the POP!Photo provided by abulic_monkey

POW! POP! Is that what you hear in the house speakers when you turn off your equipment? Ummmm, that’s not good.  There is a specific order in which audio equipment should be turned off (and turned on for that matter).  Following this order, the POW’s and POP’s will stop and your equipment will thank you for it.

Audio gear components can emit a power spike, which is heard as a POW, POP, or THUMP, when they are turned on or off. This spike is then transmitted through the audio system, amplified, and passed out to the house speakers.  Did I mention that’s not good?  Let’s look at a good order for powering your equipment on and off. …keep reading »

How to Protect Your Electronics

The very first computer I bought came with a power strip.  "You don't want to fry your computer during a storm," said my friend.  However, electrical protection is more that just ye ol power strip.  What happens when there is a voltage drop?  What if the electrical line is dirty?  I've cover these questions and a whole lot more.  

There are a few topics I need to cover before we get into electrical protection;

  • How Does Electricity Work?
  • What is a Power Surge?
  • What is a Power Spike?
  • What is Electrical Noise (a dirty line)?

How Does Electricity Work?

An electrical line is made up of metal wire and an insulator.  All of these materials (life itself) is made up of atoms.  An atom contains protons, neutrons, and electrons.  The electrons are negatively charged whereas protons are positive.  As you can see in the picture below, electrons circle the nucleus like planets around the sun. 

When enough electrical energy is applied to the wire, the electrons surrounding the nucleus are released and pushed down stream.  The path electrons follow is called a circuit. …keep reading »

Review: Furman PL-8 II Power Conditioner

One split second.  That’s all the time it takes to fry your electrical equipment.  If you are like me, you spent countless hours searching for just the right piece of equipment to add to your sound system.  Perhaps that equipment was a new mixer or new amplifier.  Then you searched high and low for the best price.  There is one piece of equipment, however, you might be lacking in your sound system…and you don’t even know it.

A surge suppressor (a.k.a “surge protector”) is a device inserted in the alternating current (AC) line to prevent damage to electronic equipment from voltage “spikes. …keep reading »