Controlling a Yamaha LS9-32 Remotely: iPad and Smart Phone Setups

[Guest post from Matt Shull] Since I started running sound back when I was 12 years old, I’ve always found that having to walk around the room and listen to the sound and then walk all the way back to the console to tweak something small has been problematic.  This is especially true for me now, when the room I'm listening to has a nice flight of stairs to reach the balcony area where the console is located.  Thankfully, through the recent advances in technology, you and I can remotely control our digital mixers.  

The church I am running sound for now has launched a new campus that is also a portable church, so each week we set up and tear down literally everything.  We are using a Yamaha LS9-32 sound console and it is the first digital mixer I’ve used.

I don’t know how other companies do remote access to their consoles but I’m sure it’s not too different from the way Yamaha has their system set up.  Through the past 6 months I’ve been researching ways to remotely control the LS9 and I’ve come up with two different options.

1. Yamaha has put out an iPad app called StageMix that is specifically designed for the M7CL console and the LS9 consoles.  Set up is quite simple, it connects and syncs to the console fast, and all you need is a wireless router, a Cat5 cable, and an iPad (which you’ll set to a static IP Address).  

The advantages to the StageMix app is you can walk around the room and mix not only the FOH but also the 16 different mixes that you can assign as IEM (In Ear Monitor) mixes or Aviom mixes.  This comes in handy if our worship leader needs something in his IEM because he could do it himself with the iPad if he wants.  

There are a couple of disadvantages as well.  You can only have one device, whether it is a computer or iPad, connected to the console at one time.  This is only an issue when you want to have two iPads connected at the same time.  The other disadvantage is that you can only edit the slider level and the EQ of each channel and the master level of the board.  You can’t change gate or compressor settings or anything else.  In all if you’re just looking to walk around the room to get a better FOH mix then this is the solution for you.

2. iPhone / Android Usage.  If you’re like me though, you don’t own an iPad (I borrow the worship pastors), but you have an iPhone or an Android phone.  Before I found the iPad app I used used a different technique.  All you need is an iPhone or Android, the FREE Teamviewer app, a computer (Windows or Mac), some drivers from the Yamaha website, and the Editor software for the console (given by the company and also FREE).  

Teamviewer is an app that lets you control your computer.  You have to download the software on your computer and then download the app and then connect the two.  You could use VNC if you prefer but Teamviewer seemed easier to me.  

Then you connect the console to your computer and use the Editor software to control the console and use your phone to control the computer.  

The advantages are that you’ll be able to edit everything about each channel from levels to compressors, but the disadvantages are that it takes longer to connect to the mixer and reaction time is just a little slower.


As new and better technologies become available I’m sure remote access will become more widely used and better able to suit the needs of sound guys and gals.  Who knows what the next exciting technology will be.  If anyone would like to be shown how to setup up either technique I’d be more than happy to email step by step instructions.

Matt Shull works at the Journey Campus of the Central Baptist Church in Jonesboro, AR.  He starting working with sound and mixing at the age of 12.  Then at the age of 16, was called as a worship leader.  Right now, to quote Matt, “I recently married my gorgeous wife, Courtney, and we're just a couple of 20-somethings finding our way through God's plan.”

[NOTE:] In the next few days, Matt will be posting up step-by-step instructions on how to setup the StageMix app to the console and also how to setup the Teamviewer app to the console on his website at

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  1. Kenalamo says

    Hey chris. I use the LS9 at my church too. Have you ever tried to figure out how to use an iphone or any smartphone as an in-ear monitor? Is it even possible? :/ God Bless

  2. win says

    Hi Bro,
    i want to connect yamaha ls9-32 and computer,
    i installed network driver that time error happen
    this error is An additional MIDI Driver cannot be install on this computer. Please remove any unused MIDI Driver, and try agin.
    i cant find MIDI driver, How can i do?
    Please advice me

  3. says

    Not sure I understand the question completely (probably because I just woke up) but to run it on a smart phone you’d plug it into the computer and use team viewer to control the computer program yamaha gives to control the board.

    Teamviewer does not give multiple users access, just one user.

    Hope that helps. If not shoot me an email and I’ll help you out more.

  4. David says

    Out of curiousity I was researching remote mixing for our portable church that uses the LS9-16 and I came across this article.

    If I were to try the second route you suggested (our team has no iPad at our disposal), would the router be necessary if the Cat5 cable was run directly from the mixer to the computer?

    I was also curious if you knew if Teamviewer allowed for multiple users.

    Thanks for the article!

    • harrywwc says

      The LS9 is basically a computer. So, to connect to it, it is probably “best” to use a small switch between it and your PC. The LS9 will probably have an IP address allocated (check the Setup – left hand side of the main display) – you need to then set your computer to a similar (but not the same) address – e.g. if the LS9 is, then you might choose – but this is best checked out with your computery guys :)

      You could use a “cross-over” cable to eliminate the use of the switch.
      TeamViewer is for controlling the PC that is controlling the LS9, not for controlling the LS9 directly.

      Also, one disadvantage of the iPad StageMix software, is that (at last check) give “admin user rights” to the LS9 – WITHOUT a password. One of our guitarists decided to load it on his iPad so he could control his mix on his foldback – and began tweaking all the other instruments and vocal settings so they sounded “good” to him.
      We’ve disabled remote access to the LS9 desk, for now (and he was mightily put out because we took away his “right” to play with it).