Four Great Microphone Articles from the Web

Four Great Microphone Articles from the Web

Four Microphone Articles for Weekend Reading.Photo provided by fangol

Consider microphones as the most important part of your sound system.  It doesn’t matter how great your house speakers sound if you aren’t using the right microphones for the job.

This week, I covered microphone diaphragm size and how it plays a role in the quality of your vocals.  I also discussed how you can easily clean up your vocal channels in three short steps.  I now present you several articles from across the web in regards to microphones.

The four great microphone articles;

  1. Differences, Cause & Effect and Consequences Of Polarity And Phase
    by Chuck McGregor
    Differing polarity and phase properties can alter, sometimes destroy, your sound under the right conditions.  Find out how they affect your sound and what you can do about it.
  2. The “Best” Vocal Microphone
    by Mike Sessler
    How does a person define the “best” microphone?  Learn how a low cost microphone can be better when compared to a more expensive one.
  3. How A Shotgun Microphone Works
    by Randy Coppinger
    Ever wonder why a shotgun microphone is long and narrow?  It’s not just styling.  And the shotgun microphone might not work the way you expect.
  4. How It’s Made; the Neumann U87
    by Matthew McGlynn
    Check out this article and watch the video of how the U87 is made.  (I think I’ve just crossed into super-geek…nah…I’ve been this way for quite a while)

I hope you have a great weekend and I hope the microphone articles this week have been helpful!

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