Church Audio 101 and Beyond



Hello! I’m Chris Huff and welcome to all things church audio.

If you’re getting started in church audio production, need help with a specific live audio problem, or want to take your skills to the next level, then you’re in the right place.

You can find out more about me and Brian Gowing (the other resident tech geek) here, but for now let’s focus on YOU and why you’re here.

To Learn The Basics of Church Audio

This site is filled with fundamental 101-level articles covering everything from miking drums to mixing vocals to dealing with musicians. There’s even a step-by-step guide. I take the guesswork out of production and get you operating at a professional level. If you’re new to church audio production, check out the items below.

The A-to-Z Guide


Audio Essentials for Church Sound is the complete step-by-step guide to church audio production where you learn how to create a consistently good mix and meet the expectations of the pastor, the musicians, and the congregation every time. It also covers stage work and helps you navigate the unique church aspects of audio production.


“Your articles have created an absolute watershed in our church tech team! Our sound is better, our service to the music team faster and I can personally attest that my whole view on ‘how’ to mix has been completely changed. Thanks again for your wisdom and guidance and for helping create an audio revolution in our church.”

– Chris Wood


To Tackle a Specific Problem

Be it audio feedback, volume complaints, or a mixing struggle, it’s likely a topic already covered on this site. I’ve encountered a lot of problems over my last 20+ years in audio production and want to help you get through them. Below are articles on the more common topics.

The Gear Guide


Equipping Your Church for Audio is the step-by-step guide that takes the guesswork out of buying audio equipment. You’ll learn how to select the right audio gear based on your church service style, room acoustic properties, and discover the tricks to finding your real audio production requirements.

Free Guides:



To Take Your Skills to the Next Level

This site is more than 101-level articles, you’ll also find topics like blending wet and dry signals for a better guitar sound and alternative drum miking methods. Great audio techs are always learning!

I want you to be so skilled you don’t think about how something SHOULD sound but how it COULD sound. I’ve listed a few articles below to get you started.


“…thank you for all that you have done with your website, blog, and email newsletters to enhance tech ministry in the Church! I’ve been following your blog for the past couple of years, and you have really helped me develop my skill and my ministry as a sound tech.”

– Steven W.


To Get Your Free Sound Check Checklist

Professional live sound engineer Robert Scovill said mixing is about making a thousand little changes. That’s not to mention all the other work we do. This checklist covers 32 points to hit for a productive sound check. The sound check is a busy time and it’s easy to get distracted or overwhelmed. Use this checklist to stay on track.

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“Chris, I love these emails. Great little nuggets to keep me thinking and give me ideas to improve our sound. It’s amazing how many times I read one of these and say out loud ‘oh, that’s why…'”

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