How to Recap an Event

The other day, Dave(David) Wilcox posted a comment on my blog post on Dealing with Anger.  He included his site name, so I checked out his blog.  Wow, what a great example of providing recap notes for everyone on his team to see.

A good example is his 11.23 Reverb post. 

He starts with a summary of events such as the speaker, the scripture used as the basis for the sermon, and the worship team.  Each has a link to their respective site if one exists, such as a special speakers web site.

Next are his general comments.  He comments on anything special that happened, such as a great job by the video team.  He also gives praises to those deserving.  If something bad happened, he makes note of it, but puts a positive spin on it.

Then he breaks out comments to the three teams; sound, lighting, and video.  Again, comments for those teams and praise for the good work and notes when something has gone bad.

Dave does a great service to his church and his team with his recaps.  He doesn’t give eight pages of moment by moment reviews.  He notes what needs noting so at the next service, the teams quality of service is even better!

Look back on the last time you ran sound.  What could you have done better? 

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