My Cure For Procrastination

Over the last week, I have composed numerous blog entries and articles in my head…at the worst times.  Typically, it’s happened when I’m in line at the grocery store or half asleep.  As a result, nothing ever made it on this site. 

I’ve even tried writing a few times at work, during lunch.  But for whatever reason, everyone around me decided to either start a conversation around me, with me, or thought it was the perfect time to talk on the phone.  Some people need a volume control – or I need a boxing glove!

Then I realized this had a direct correlation to everything I do.  Whether it’s church audio or cleaning my office, unless I MAKE THE TIME, the work doesn’t get done.  It’s too easy to procrastinate!  Bad cables don’t fix themselves.  The audio booth doesn’t clean itself. 

My old way of thinking was to schedule time for church audio work when something needs to be done.  Conveniently, I’m at church every Sunday so Sunday mornings were when I’d try to get stuff accomplished.  The result of that has been my wife asking numerous times "where did you disappear to this morning?" What she was really asking was "why have you left me?"  The position of husband is more important than church sound guy!

Today, on my calendar, I added a weekly spot on Thursday mornings to be at the church.  This way, I’ll never have to run around on Sunday mornings trying to do everything I only "thought" about doing.  This way, I have a weekly appointment that I know I can keep.  The best part…it’s easier to break an appointment than make one.  If you hate the dentist, you know what I mean.

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    I got involved with our Community Services, showing a seminar segment before the food was served. That was a great time to “get things done” but I was limited since I couldn’t “play with the board”. Now that we have completed the series, I think I’ll keep my Monday afternoon appointments with the church to cover issues that arose during the previous services. Thank you for the idea.