New In-Ear and Wireless Products for 2011

in ear monitoring systems and wireless microphone newsIn-ear monitoring and wireless microphones were the topic of many a new product at NAMM this month.  Here's a run-down of the new in-ear and wireless products coming out this year.

1. Shure introduces the new PSM 1000 Dual Channel Personal Monitor System.  It's a full-rack monitoring system designed to integrate with Shure Wireless Workbench software.  Matt Engstrom, a Category Directory for Shure said "What sets this new system apart is an enhanced feature set, including the integration with our Wireless Workbench software that will provide engineers and performers with options for increased control and connectivity.”  Didn't I just say that?

Pricing yet to be determined.

2. Lectrosonics introduces the Quadra Digital Wireless Monitor System.  It uses a belt-pack receiver and the half-rack transmitter. It has digital RF modulation, two or four channels of 24-bit/48 kHz digital audio, analog or digital inputs, and a unique mixing interface for users.

The M4R diversity belt-pack receiver features a user-friendly interface with a high-resolution, backlit LCD and membrane switches. A four-channel mixer enables the performer to tailor the mix in real time, based on what is sent to the transmitter from the monitor console.

Honestly, I was pretty excited to learn about this product until I read the following…

"M4T transmitter MSRP: $2875
M4R receiver: $1765"

Not quite cheap for church use.

3. Shure introduces their first digital wireless microphone system. The PGX Digital Wireless System is designed for users who require high sound quality, operating simplicity, and rock-solid durability.  Don't we all want that?  Anyway…the PGX Digital operates in the nationwide 900 MHz band so users don't have to deal with TV channel allocations that change from city to city.

Available in a variety of configurations:

  • PGXD14 for guitar/bass for $429 retail.
  • PGXD14/185 with WL185 lavalier microphone for $499 retail.
  • PGXD14/PG30 with PG30 headworn microphone for $479 retail.
  • PGXD24/SM58 with SM58 microphone for $449 retail.
  • PGXD24/BETA58 with Beta 58A microphone for $499 retail.

4. Shure introduces its new Axient wireless microphone system, which can automatically change frequencies, undetected by the user, to avoid interference.  I could list all the capabilities of this system but they primarily focus around interference avoidance.  It also incorporates the Wireless Workbench 6 software that enables the Axient user to monitor and control the entire system.  Honestly, it reminds me of the car KITT from the 80's TV show Knightrider.  "David, there is a car blocking road around the next corner; I'll drive you to your destination using an alternate route."  "Thanks, KITT."

Pricing yet to be determined.

5. Line 6, Inc. is expanding its XD-V line of digital wireless microphone systems.  They now offer the  XD-V70HS and XD-V30HS.  These are headset microphones with beltpack transmitters.  Each system features Line 6 digital technologies and a 2.4GHz broadcast to ensure license-free use worldwide.

And in other news…

6. JBL has introduced a new portable pa system, the EON210P Portable PA system.  Includes two 10-inch, 2-way speakers, an 8-channel powered stereo mixer with four digital effects, two 15-foot speaker cables and a storage compartment for microphones and accessories.  Weighing 33 pounds, it’s 20 pounds lighter than most other package PA systems in its class.  It can deliver 124 dB peak system output and each speaker provides even coverage over a 100-degree x 60-degree area.  Speaker poles not included.

7.  Aviom is now packaging digital snakes.  Now you've got an easy way to run a lot of cat5 cables.

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