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You’ve probably got a few questions, so allow me to address those.

“Who’s on the Tech Team?”

My tech team is filled with people, from around the globe, devoted to church audio production.  They come from a range of backgrounds; from the one-man crew to full-time technical directors.  There are even musicians, worship leaders, and pastors.

“What do I get when I sign up?”

As a team member, you’ll get:

  1. TWO free eBooks.  The FIRST eBook is my Ten Key Tips for a Better Sound.  This is the stuff every tech should know. The SECOND eBook is the guide, How to Get A Great Drum Sound. Learn how to mic and mix drums the right way.
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  4. Encouragement! Tech work is wonderful but it can also be frustrating and challenging. There are even time when we feel alone. Expect regular words of encouragement because you deserve it!

“Once again an outstanding email!!!”

Wes B.

“Thank you for being there for all of us church sound techs….You provide encouragement for our entire team. God bless!”

Jessica D.

“What are some examples of exclusive articles?”

  • Audio Myths Costing You Money
  • Improving Backing Vocal Mixes
  • Talking Tech with a Non-Tech Person (Talking with the Pastor)
  • Dealing with the OH NO Moments

“Is my email address safe and secure?”

YES. The short answer; I don’t sell your email address, I don’t spam you, and you can unsubscribe any time you want.  The long answer, with the technical details, can be found here.

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