The 10,951 Word FREE Guide to Mixing / EQ’ing Vocals

Photo by esparta

Photo by esparta

My keyboard was about to fall apart but it made it through!  After many hours of work, review, planning, reading, and questioning my sanity, it’s done.  The 10,951 word FREE guide to mixing vocals is finished!

This guide breaks down vocal mixing into eight areas;

  1.     How Vocals Fit in a Mix
  2.     Key Vocal Qualities
  3.     Vocal Microphone Selection and Monitor Usage
  4.     Mixing with the End in Mind
  5.     Setting Vocal Volumes
  6.     Preparing Your Vocals (Cleaning up your Vocals)
  7.     Mixing Vocals / EQ’ing Vocals
  8.     Using Five Types of Effects Processing

It also has a handful of audio samples when I though you’d benefit from hearing an effect or a boost/cut.  This is the first time I’ve used SoundCloud for hosting audio files.  Post a comment here or email me if you have any problems with those files.  There should be 8 or so clips.

You can read it here; Mixing Vocals : The Ultimate Guide to EQ’ing Vocals

Also, it’s now available in the “Free Resources” section on the right side of the page.

I’m going to pass out now.  That should make my keyboard happy.

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  1. Darshan says

    I have been trying to make karaokes from songs by removing vocals… It is not working very well… Can anyone tell me how t o make karaokes from the songs..
    Thank You in Advance

    • says

      You hear music as separate tracks (instruments and vocals) but a computer only hears the combination of all of them. While it is possible to remove some vocals, you won’t get all of them. Spend the money and buy the karaoke tracks.