Top Audio Production Highlights From 2013

Will you make 2014 better than 2013?

Will you make 2014 better than 2013?

Was 2013 your year for upgrading to a digital mixer?  Or, was it a year of struggling with old equipment?  Looking back on 2013, I’ve had a lot of great times and a few I’d rather forget.  In the spirit of reflection, here is a list of audio production “tops” from 2013.

My Favorite Quote:

  • Wes Wakefield on mixing; “Fundamental mixing techniques win every time.”

My Favorite Live Audio Post

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The Biggest Gear Highlight

There were two big things that happened in 2013; the growth of personal monitoring systems and the expansion of the Behringer digital mixer line, such as the x32.  Digital mixing systems were definitely big in ’13 but the biggest surprise was the number of people going with a new Behringer digital mixer for their church.  Behringer has had a questionable past related to product quality but their new digital mixers, combined with the low price point, make them note-worthy mixers and there are a lot of FOH folks happy with their purchase.

What does 2014 hold for us?

2014 will be what you make it.  If you’re a tech director and want to see your team improve in 2014, then you need to find a way to make it happen; one-on-one training, classroom training, whatever it takes.  If you want to be a better tech, then you can’t look to better gear as a solution.  You need to dig in and really learn your craft.

Imagine it’s December 31st, 2014 and you’re reflecting on 2013.  Imagine the quality of your team’s work has dramatically improved.  Imagine the quality of YOUR work has dramatically improved.  None of that will have happened by having waved a magic wand.  If it could happen that way, I’d be selling magic wands.  Improvement will have happened because YOU put in the effort to make it happen.

On that note, HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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  1. freddie says

    Hi Chris

    Greetings from Malaysia!. We have moved to the digital realm since late 2012. We solved a lot of problems. However the learning did not stop. In fact there were lots of new discoveries. The sharing from you and the tech community has been very helpful and meaningful.

    Keep up the good work.