Top Ten Signs The Sound Guy Is Having a Mental Breakdown

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Top Ten Signs The Sound Guy Is Having a Mental Breakdown:

10. His shirt reads "FOH – it's what's for dinner."
9. Repeatedly instructs the musicians to call them "Sir Sound Guy."
8. Before the service, walks around mumbling, "500 mega-hertz and all is well."
7. Claims audio feedback is proof that aliens are trying to communicate with us.
6. Uses the talk-back microphone to correct the pastor, after mispronouncing a word, by saying, "Let's try this again.  Start over beginning with "'And God said…'"
5. Turns the pastor's mic on and off during the sermon and gives him the "I don't know what's happening" look.
4. Stands in the doorway after church and signs people's bulletins with "to my biggest fan."
3. Has a voodoo doll that looks like the worship leader.  Has already mutilated the one that looks like the lead guitarist.
2. Is wearing a werewolf mask when he's in the sound booth.
1. Paid the video guy to run "production credits" at the end of the service.

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  1. David N. Udoumoh says

    I love no 8. If you’ve used crappy equipment that makes you apprehensive before every service…

  2. Genie says

    Chris, you should add another one: Has a gun at the sound board. True story – we really knew a worship leader who had this happen!:)

  3. Dan says

    or how bout this,

    Has broke off the volume knob on the lead guitarist’s amp.
    (stop making yourself louder! we can all hear you, trust me!)

  4. Chris says

    Guitarists, drummers, singers, even sound tech's can act like divas.  We have to keep our egos in check and be able to call one another when we get carried away.  I think the position of sound tech can be the one that leads to this mentality the fastest.  Let's see, I get my own place to sit, I can control the volume of everyone on the stage, and I can mute the pastor.  :) 

    p.s. Check our Karl's guitar blog

  5. Georgir Porgie says

    Number 5 is the best. I can’t tell you how many times I have wanted to do that when my pastor gets inspired and sings over the choir. Bless his heart!

  6. Anonymous says

    I know what you mean. I’m the Worship-arts director at my church, and I have left very specific instructions with my tech team to mute the Pastors mike when ever we’re singing. Bless his heart!! LOL