Video: Instrument Microphones and…Hot Sauce?

A reader emailed me asking about the difference between two instrument microphones.  His question came down to this; is the more expensive one worth the price?  If only it was that easy.  Find out how price is the last thing to consider and how it’s really about…ummmm…hot sauce.


I’m an audio guy.  Video is new to me.  The video first went out in the newsletter and after a number of people gave the same recommendations, I edited it a second time.  This is the second edit.  Let’s just say I learned a lot.  Also, when I film the next video, I’ll work on the reverb in the room – already got plans for that.

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  1. Rich Rubel says

    Hi Chris. I am very new to pro sound and your book has been a wealth of easy to understand, actionable information. Bravo. So please know that what follows is a critique not criticism. Here then is the good and the bad per my admittedly questionable P.O.V.
    The good; Nice delivery, good pacing and the humor worked. The material was laid out logically and was easy to understand er, except for the sensitivity stuff but that wasn’t your fault. I just have to digest it a while longer. The Three aspects of a microphone were succinct and cogent and might be very helpful. Which leads me to…
    The Bad; The hot sauce metaphor? Meh. Even thought I have a bottle of Dave’s Insanity Sauce I am afraid to open. My real disappointment was that you showed the difference between the two mic’s but not how to action it. Had you told us one or two instances where one worked better that the other and the specifics of how you arrived at that conclusion (even if it was only your opinion) it would have taken your video to a whole new level of learning for me. But I am only speaking for myself so for what its worth ☺

  2. Dave says

    Great video Chris! I’ve really loved your whole site though, and just wanted to say how helpful it is, I just wish I had a resource like this 15 years ago! I might have prevented a few catastrophes! It’s fun to think back and laugh though. I’m blessed to have enough knowledge and experience to almost always be able to contribute wherever I’ve found myself. Thanks again and keep it up!
    PS… Now I’m tempted to start a new “hobby” because of your hot sauces!

    • says

      Dave, thanks! Yeah, I went on too long about the hot sauces. I do expect future videos to be shorter and more to the point while still keeping them fun. Always learning!