Wired vs. Wireless Microphones

In the last newsletter, I discussed the quality of sound produced by wired and wireless microphones.  I quoted Shure regarding how technology makes the two very similiar in quality, especially in the live environment.

Harry F. (a newsletter subscriber) email me with this:

"One thought on the wireless vs. wired. The biggest difference, in my experience, is how the compander interacts with the signal. It's always a good idea, if you're picking up a new wireless unit for a new application, to rent different makes and models, and to take notes on how it sounds. Some may not handle the low-mid power of a 2nd tenor that belts, but may work really well for that soprano with a pop voice. Some instrument packs may kill the detailed picking of an acoustic guitar or mandolin, but work great for bass (or a wireless tether for a keyboard)."


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