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Hello, I’m Chris Huff…Welcome!

I've been mixing church audio for over 20 years and, most likely, I started out just like you. But I don't want you to struggle like I did. That's why I started BehindTheMixer.com in 2008.

Welcome and I'd love to help you become the absolutely best church sound tech you can be. Here on the site, you'll find in-depth guides, free downloadable resources, free article, not to mention the church audio podcast!

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What Others Are Saying

Ron Fink

I wanted to let you know how much I gain each time I receive your articles…Thanks for all you do to keep the insights and instructions coming.

Dave Helmuth

Chris brings a ton of wisdom without the attitude that some tech veterans have. A heart for the church, skill to equip others, and a long history of generously sharing his knowledge, this is a must-subscribe podcast for any church tech!

David Manners

Just finished a review of Mixing vocals by @behindthemixer this is an amazing resource for sound techs. Make sure you get a copy on release.


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