New Way For Setting Gain Structure

There is more than one way to skin a cat and more than one way to set your gain structure.  I tend to bring up gain structure probably more than I should; but it's so important!  When I saw the method Dave Rat uses for setting gain, I thought "that's bloody brilliant!" The method for setting gain ... Read More

How to Set Gain Levels in Live Sound – Three Methods

Audio mixer channel gain can be set in three ways.  Someone reading that last sentence just went ballistic.  Is there only one right method for setting the channel gain?  Let's explore. Follow the signal Typically, the audio that comes into a channel from the stage is coming in via a mono balanced ... Read More

Gain – Keeps Your Signals Cleaner, Longer

Obviously, this isn't about Gain, the detergent.  However, the proper use of gain will give you cleaner signals with less noise.  The word gain is usually associated with your sound board in regards to setting the gain level.  Using the gain knob on a particular channel, you are ... Read More

The PreSonus StudioLive: The Perfect Digital Mixer?

Virtual sound check enabled; check.  Parametric EQ set for guitar; check.  Small frequency band notched to bring out clarity of singer; check.  Reverb added; check.  Saved as a preset for next Sunday; check.  Easy-as-pie to do all of this; CHECK!  Moving into the digital realm of mixing can be ... Read More

Take Control of Wireless Microphones: Solving Common Problems

What's your biggest frustration with wireless microphones? I posed this question to the huge Behind the Mixer community on Facebook and received a host of responses.  Many repeated the struggles of others.  I’ve compiled their responses and summarized them into 11 areas of frustration and ... Read More

The Ten Steps to Mix the Pastor’s Mic

The pastor's mic might seem like it doesn’t need mixing compared to mixing vocals for a band. However, our speaking voices can leave a bit to be desired. Consider these traits: nasally, gravelly, pitchy, and muddy. While those can reach extremes, what’s important to know is that a crisp, clear, rich ... Read More

Have You Fallen For This Audio Myth?

Audio production has long included choir miking and that's where the problem started.  Miking a choir requires proper microphone placement and the 3-to-1 rule is often referenced. It's also where the myth was birthed. The myth is this: The 3:1 microphone placement ratio extends to ALL ... Read More

How to Set Gain Levels For A Mixing Console

Gain, a.k.a. Trim, is a volume control for each channel of a mixing console.  The Gain knob controls the volume being input into the channel, not the amount of volume output through the channel.  Different types of input devices, from mp3 players to guitars to vocal microphones all have different ... Read More