Are You In Need of Serious Answers?

Hi, Chris Huff here.

Our guides can help you tremendously...but, sometimes you need more.

You need a DIRECT ONE-ON-ONE conversation about YOUR situation that will produce results. Maybe gear selection has you nervous, speaker configuration has you worried, or personality conflicts are frustrating you.  Perhaps you need help building a new team or have a technical problem you just can't figure out.

No matter you're situation, we're here to help.


You can book a call with us and together we can:

  • Develop a strategy to train your team.
  • Create an action plan to build your team.
  • Handle a technical problem that's been driving you crazy.
  • Work through heart matters (personal or conflicts with others).
  • Recommend equipment solutions.
  • Or, help you overcome whatever hurdle you face.

We dig into the details of whatever it is you're facing and work through it until we've developed a plan of action for you.

Does this sound good to you?

Go ahead and book a time. We look forward to helping you.

  • I was really encouraged by my conversation with Chris about my church's sound situation. He took the time to assess our equipment and resources and made really great recommendations that will help our church for years to come. The best part about working with Chris is that he has a passion for great sound!
    Scotty DailyThrive Christian Church, Westfield, IN
  • I just finished my call with Brian. He answered all my questions and gave me knowledge and direction definitely worth more than the price of admission. Thank you for offering this service!
    Daniel LieuChinese Evangelical Church, San Diego, CA
  • Thank you so much for sorting through all of those quotes, our questions, and guiding us to this point, we’re excited and confident to move ahead with the instillation. May the Lord keep and bless you!
    Martin SmithCow Creek Community Church, Palo Cedro, CA


How this works:

  1. Purchase the consultation at the killer rate of $49.
  2. Reserve a time slot and provide details of how you need help.
  3. We'll get on video or phone and find solutions to your problems.

Calls will be booked with Chris Huff or Brian Gowing, depending on availability and relevant expertise for the particular situation.  Calls will be approximately an hour in length.  If time required extends beyond what is deemed reasonably-flexible, an additional fee may apply.