Talk with Chris One-on-One

Hi, Chris Huff here.

Between the guides and everything else I offer you, there's a lot of ways for you to get help.  But, sometimes you need more.

You want a DIRECT ONE-ON-ONE conversation about YOUR situation that will produce results. Maybe it's a matter of personality conflicts, building a new team, or even a technical matter like fixing a problem you just can't figure out.

Now you have the option to book a call with me. We can...

  • Develop a strategy to train your team.
  • Create an action plan to build your team.
  • Handle a technical problem that's been driving you crazy.
  • Work through heart matters (personal or conflicts with others).
  • Recommend equipment solutions.
  • Help you overcome whatever hurdle you face.

Pastors / Worship Leaders

Are you having a difficult time working with your technical team?  I can help you.

You and I will dig into the details of whatever it is you're facing and work through it until I've developed a plan of action for you.

Does this sound good to you? Great, I'd love to help. Go ahead and book a time. I look forward to helping you.