Equipping Your Small Church for Audio

Your Step-by-Step Guide

Pick the Right Gear for Your Church, Every Time.

“I can finally understand the pastor.” “I can finally enjoy the music.” “I can finally hear what I need to lead worship.”

Wouldn’t you like to hear these words coming from church members and musicians?

Equipping Your Small Church for Audio, co-authored by myself (Chris Huff) and Brian Gowing, is the complete guide to selecting the right audio gear based on your church service style, room acoustic properties, and even the abilities of the sound techs.

You’ll learn the processes we use when helping churches get the right gear in their sanctuary – it even works with portable churches. You’ll also learn how to find out your future needs and how knowing this will enable better gear choices.

Your days of struggling with the wrong gear are over.

What You'll Learn:

  • Discover the road map to navigate through the detailed process of equipping your church with the right audio gear. This guide walks you through every step, from requirements gathering to room evaluation to gear selection and beyond.
  • Learn how to pick equipment that lasts for years and meets the needs of both current and foreseeable future needs. This is easier than people realize.
  • Learn the properties of the gear that’s crucial to making the right choice. This goes for speakers and mixers and audio snakes and more.
  • Find out the key areas that affect gear selection – and the details behind them. Areas include the style of the service, the ability of the tech team, and the room acoustics.
  • Learn the tricks to making the most of your equipment budget.
  • Find out the important pieces of protection equipment that will save your equipment from damage. One piece of gear can even improve the audio quality.

What You'll Receive:

  • Each section, in this loaded ebook, details exactly what you need to know, why you need to know it, and how you can apply it to gear selection. This means you’ll learn about everything from speaker components to mixers to rack equipment to DI boxes.
  • A step-by-step guide where we walk you through the critical steps of gear selection, including the important steps that must occur before ever looking into any gear – stuff most don’t consider.
  • A 7-page, 80-point, worksheet that accompanies the guide. It will become your blueprint for selecting the gear that’s right for your church (and your room).
  • 3 sample stage layouts for speaker and gear placement on stage based on common scenarios – you’ll create your own but we give you these to get you started.
  • A complete guide designed around the processes Brian and I use whenever we’re called to consult with a church.

Your Bonus ($15 Value):

  • Guide to Reduce Room Reflections on the Cheap

    Are you tired of fighting against sounds bouncing around the room and destroying your mix?  Church services are being held in some of the worst acoustic spaces, including gymnasiums.  This guide explains the cheap but effective methods for tackling this problem, including ways to build your own acoustic treatment.  It even has effective methods for portable churches!

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What Others are Saying:

"Thank you for another great aid.  I have read through the book and will keep on referencing it as I go along.  My work sheet is basically completed, in time for planning purchases for our new financial year."

Daniel Smith Church Audio Tech, Lichtenburg, South Africa

"I wish I had [this] 4 years ago when our church was in the process of changing our board out. We had a great AVL contractor that was helping us along the way but the things that I have been reading in this book could have helped out with saving a lot of money."

Garrett Jackson Church Audio Tech, Perry, Florida

"This guide and the worksheet really helped with planning for future upgrades for my church’s sound system."

Armando Eramos Church Audio Tech

What You’ll Learn in Equipping Your Small Church for Audio:

Listen to any pro audio manufacturer and you’d think their gear was the perfect solution. Talk with most any sales person at your local guitar shop and you’ll think picking gear is easy. Neither is the case, not even close.

Brian and I have been working in pro audio for decades and we know the truth is that most good quality gear is good in itself but it isn’t perfect for every scenario – and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all method to gear selection. In this ebook, you’ll learn to analyze your church’s needs, among many other things, and then pick the gear that’s perfect for your situation. You’ll learn the methods we use.

Not only will you learn about the big stuff like how to select the right house speakers, but we also tackle monitoring solutions and go through all of the available options and you'll learn how to pick what is right for your musicians.  Plus, you'll learn all about microphone selection, from vocal microphones to drum mics and even how to tame loud drums.

We’ve also created an amazingly detailed 7-page worksheet for use alongside the guide. You’ll use it to capture all the important information required for proper gear selection. You’ll even use it to record you gear selections.

Below is the table of contents so you can see how in-depth we go and how much you’ll learn. Just to give you an idea, you’ll learn all about the various speaker properties, how they contribute to the sound quality, and how we recommend speakers with certain properties for various room layouts.

  • Ease the Frustration
  • Using the Worksheet
  • Step 1: Define the Church’s Needs
  • Step 2: Crew and Ministry Evaluation
  • Step 3: Room Evaluation
  • Audio Systems – An Overview
  • Step 4: Select a Mixer
  • Step 5: Get a Snake
  • Step 6: Protect Equipment
  • Step 7: Grab Some Headphones
  • Step 8: Pick the Right Speakers
  • Step 9: The Right Stage Monitors
  • Step 10: Crossovers, Equalizers, Effects
  • Step 11: Pick Vocal Microphones
  • Step 12: Pick Specialty Microphones
  • Step 13: Cables and Stands (and Other Small Stuff)
  • Step 14: Pick the Right Di Boxes
  • Step 15: Consider Assisted Listening Devices
  • Step 16: Present the Plan
  • Step 17: Purchase and Installation
  • Final Steps

In less than 1 minute, have INSTANT access to:

  • The complete guide to proper audio gear selection - everything we do when working with churches.
  • The massive multi-page worksheet that will become your greatest resource.
  • The bonus document ($15 Value) that will help you tame any overly reverberant room.
  • The knowledge you need to make the right gear choices based on your room, your budget, and your production needs – and it’s instantly available.
  • Plus, you can contact us if you have questions!
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30-Day ‘No Surprises’ Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with Equipping Your Small Church for Audio then I’ll refund your money.  No surprises in fine print.  Brian and I are that confident this guide will help you equip your church with the right gear.


Equipping Your Small Church for Audio has everything you need to pick the right gear for your small church for a good sound. Along with the guide is the massive 7-page worksheet that transforms the needs of your church into a list of the right gear for the church. You’ll even get the bonus; Guide to Reduce Room Reflections on the Cheap – it’s a guide people have been asking us about for years. Get the guide today and we guarantee you’ll be able to equip your small church or portable church with the right equipment for successful audio production.

About the Authors

Brian Gowing

Brian's helped over 100 churches with worship issues, including audio gear selection and installation.  He's the production director at a large Ohio church and the Business & Technology Manager for the Great Lakes District Office of the Christian & Missionary Alliance. He also writes for BehindTheMixer.com.


Chris Huff

For over 20 years, Chris Huff has been working in live sound in roles varying from sound tech to church technical director. He writes for pro audio trade publications including Church Production Magazine and Live Sound International. His church audio site, behindthemixer.com, has an international following and is used for teaching live audio production while navigating the unique church environment.