It's Time to Make a Choice...

Do You Want to be a Great Church Audio Tech?

Seriously, I'm talking about being the person who knows how to operate every aspect of the audio mixer, how to set up the stage, how to work with all aspects of audio in your church and, of course, create a great mix.

Too many people are happy knowing just enough to control the volume.  "Just enough" is not enough!  That type of work does not benefit the congregation.

But, you're here, right now and you're ready to step up your game!  And I promise you when you do that, you'll have a lot more fun behind the mixer.

The Problem

We are in the information age and you can learn a lot on the internet, but there's a huge problem with that, especially in the live audio field.  Gobble up audio articles across the web and you don't learn why something needs to happen, only how to do it.  For example, you might learn how to prevent feedback from floor monitors but did you learn what causes feedback and how to pro-actively prevent feedback both on stage and at the mixer?

There is even a good amount of bad teaching out there.  The stories I could tell!

Here at Behind the Mixer, I connect the dots for you.  You learn how to do the technical work and when and why it needs to be done.  You'll even learn about the non-technical side that trips up a lot of church sound techs.  And you'll learn what the pros know.

So, are you ready to be the best audio tech you can be?

fade-leftfade-rightGreat! Let's Get Started!

Step #1

Download the Soundcheck Checklist

When I visit a church for in-person training, I often notice they have a chaotic soundcheck process.  I'm not talking about rioting in the sanctuary, I'm talking about disorganization that's based on a lack of preparation and it leads to a lot of frustration and a process that itself takes much too long.

A streamlined soundcheck means you're relaxed, the band's relaxed, and you have more time to mix.  And when you've got that going for you, stepping up your game becomes so much easier and that's why this is the first step in becoming a great church audio tech.

So, take the first step and download your Church Audio Soundcheck Checklist.

I'll send the checklist to your email inbox right away. I want you to download it, read through it, and then print it out. The next time you're in the sound booth, hang it up or tape it to the desk or use whatever means necessary so it's there when you need it.

Do this today and I'll take care of the next step for you.

Thank you for being there for all of us church sound techs…You provide encouragement for our entire team. God bless!

- Jessica D.

Your articles have created an absolute watershed in our church tech team! Our sound is better, our service to the music team faster and I can personally attest that my whole view on ‘how’ to mix has been completely changed. Thanks again for your wisdom and guidance and for helping create an audio revolution in our church.

- Chris Wood

Step #2

Gather the Essentials

Next, I'll be in touch regarding our next steps together.  Over the following few days, I'll send you some top-notch articles from this web site and what I think will be the best resources for you.

For now, check your email for the checklist and (I love this part) your link to my huge active online community of over 5,000 church audio techs.  If you've got a tech problem and need help, post the question and you'll have answers in no time.

Now go check your email!

Chris Huff

P.S. Thanks for allowing me to help you become a great church sound tech!